GTS 20-33

With a combination of durable design, advanced operator ergonomics, and smart technology, the CLARK GTS series provides all of the modern support customers have come to expect with a reliable Built to Last design that keeps your business moving forward.

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Powerful Engine

The CLARK GTS Series comes standard with one of two powerful engines, either the PSI 2.4L Balanced LPG Tier-4 engine, or the Isuzu Diesel Engine. Both engines offer superior performance with long lasting components, improving the longevity of your GTS truck. The PSI 2.4L Balanced LPG engine has an output of 64 HP @ 2500 RPM, and is constructed out of a cast-iron block, which is both durable and reliable in operation. The Isuzu Diesel engine is turbo charged, and does not require regeneration cycles.



The CLARK GTS series is built with the CLARK-standard nested I-Beam mast, which is designed to reduce mast deflection and improve stability and durability. The interlocking channels reduce rail spread, keeping your loads stable and ensuring your operators can navigate with confidence


Built to Last Construction

The CLARK GTS series is built with a fully welded heavy gauge frame with thick fenders, protecting your forklift from damage and prolonging the life of your investment for years to come. The engine is designed with an engine monitoring system, which prevents the engine from overheating. Additionally, the truck is equipped with a low fuel light, which alerts the operator when the tank pressure drops below 40 psi.


Wet Disc Brakes and Parking Brake

The CLARK GTS is equipped with wet disc brakes, which require less maintenance and have a higher ROI than traditional drum brakes. With a 3 year, 6,000 hour warranty, you can be assured your wet disc brakes will be as durable and reliable as the rest of the GTS. The transmission also disengages when the parking brake is activated, which prevents the operator from driving through the brakes.


Ergonomic Operator Compartment

The CLARK GTS series was designed with the operator in mind, with advanced operator ergonomics and easy-to-access features that improve the overall operation of the truck. The GTS is equipped with a full-suspension vinyl seat, hood-mounted levers, a tilting steering column, and two separate pedals for inching and braking for optimal operator comfort. The GTS dash also displays descriptive service codes, which allows the operator to stay informed of the truck’s condition.


Tech Specs

Load Capacity / Rated Load (lbs/kg) Height Overhead Guard (in/mm) Width (in/mm) Right Angle Stack (in/mm) Outside Turning Radius (in/mm) Inside Turning Radius (in/mm) Top Speed Loaded (kmp/mph) Top Speed Unloaded (kmp/mph) Power Unit - HP(KW) @rpm
GTS20L 4000 / 2000 85.4 / 2170 46.7 (1185) 108.5 (2755) 90.2 / 2290 N/A / N/A 10.7 / 17.2 11.4 / 18.3 PSI- 4X 64 (47.9) @ 2500
GTS25L 5000 / 2500 85.4 / 2170 46.7 (1185) 112.0 (2845) 93.7 / 2380 N/A / N/A 10.5 / 16.9 11.4 / 18.3 PSI- 4X 64 (47.9) @ 2500
GTS30L 6000 / 3000 85.8 / 2180 49.2 (1250 116.3 (2955) 97.6 / 2480 N/A / N/A 11.4 / 18.3 12.1 / 19.5 PSI- 4X 64 (47.9) @ 2500
GTS33L 6600 / 3300 85.8 / 2180 49.2 (1250 117.7 (2990) 98.9 / 2510 N/A / N/A 12.2 / 19.6 12.8 / 20.6 PSI- 4X 64 (47.9) @ 2500


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