The CLARK WPL40 makes navigating tight spaces easier than ever. With the ability to pinwheel with the handle in the upright position, the WPL40 allows operators to navigate narrow aisles and trailers with ease, without risking injury. Powered by a 48V Lithium-Ion battery, and equipped with an ergonomic handle and smooth rollers for ease-of-entry on pallets, the WPL40 is the perfect choice for busy operations that load and unload in tight spaces.

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With the handle in the fully upright position, the WPL40 pin-wheels in and out of tight spaces using a smaller, tighter turn-radius and moves up to 4,000 lbs in close-quarters with ease.


The permanent magnet DC pump motor and chrome-plated lifting cylinder provides for smooth and efficient lifting, as well as greater durability.


The electromagnetic brake, mounted on the motor armature shaft, multiplies the braking power
through the transmission and provides good stopping power when the control tiller is raised to the full vertical position or lowered to full horizontal position beyond the operating range. Additionally, the armature-mounted brake design:

  • Keeps the braking mechanism clear from dirt and debris
  • Automatically engages the parking brake when the truck stops and the handle is released
  • Features an anti-rollback and neutral braking system for improved safety in operation.

Ergonomic Steer/Control Handle

With travel, lift and lower functions all located in an ergonomic operator handle, operators can access all controls without having to lift a hand from the handle. Additionally, the WPL40 control-handle

  • A solid steel tubing control tiller arm and control handles meant to outlast cast aluminum or
    plastic designs
  • Angled control handle grips allowing easy operation with either hand
  • An emergency reversing switch, thumb control, and horn — all standard
  • The low-mounted tiller arm supports minimum steering effort for greater operator comfort
  • The gas-assisted spring gently returns the control tiller arm to a vertical position
  • Crawl speed switch enables the operator greater-ease-of-use in tight spaces

Fork Design With Tapered Tips 

The WPL40’s fork construction and pallet entry slide system, which allows a lifting of the forks up-and-over the bottom board, provides easy pallet access.  The forks, at 27” OAW x 46.0 OAL, can achieve a maximum elevation of over 7.5”. The shape of the load wheel housing or toe box, ensures pallet entry and exit can occur without the need for wearable rollers.

Electrical Componentry 

The water-resistant connectors and shrouded wiring harness supply power reliably to key components. The WPL40 system includes a key switch, emergency power disconnect, and onboard dock for Easy Exchange Battery.


The fully adjustable pull rods and torsion bar extends the WPL40 operating life in delivery truck and dock use applications. The WPL40 goes further with easily accessible grease zerks for easier maintenance.

Tech Specs

Load Capacity / Rated Load (lbs/kg) Height Overhead Guard (in/mm) Width (in/mm) Right Angle Stack (in/mm) Outside Turning Radius (in/mm) Inside Turning Radius (in/mm) Top Speed Loaded (kmp/mph) Top Speed Unloaded (kmp/mph) Power Unit - HP(KW) @rpm
WPL40 4000 / 1800 27.2 / 690 27.4 (695) 78.0 N/A / N/A N/A / N/A 3.1 / 5.0 3.4 / 5.5 48 Volt


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