The CLARK S-SERIES is designed to be SMART, STRONG, and SAFE, with operator-focused features, SMART technology built into the truck, and durable components that are Built to Last. The S-SERIES line is a revolution in forklift design, with advanced operator ergonomics and industry-leading safety features.

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The CLARK S20C series comes standard with an interactive 5.6” LCD SMART dash display, with password protection and audible and visual warnings. On-board diagnostics allow operators to remain informed of service needs, and reduces the number of service calls to diagnose the truck. The powertrain protection monitoring system alerts the operator when the powertrain temperature rises, ensuring the truck does not overheat. Additional controls in the SMART dash include idling alarms, speed restrictions, and more. With the SMART dash, operators are in full control of maintaining optimal performance on their S20c series.

Low Cost of Ownership

The CLARK S20c series has a lower overall cost of ownership when compared with trucks in a similar category. The hydraulic operating pressure is optimized on the S20c series, reducing overall fuel consumption. The transmission and axle are separate, simplifying service and reducing length of service calls. The S20c series comes standard with an open core radiator, which reduces engine heat and operates more efficiently. The force-cooled wet disc brakes on the S20c further reduce the total cost of ownership, with a constant flow of oil around the brakes at all times.


CLARK S20c series trucks are Built to Last with several key durable components built right into the design of the truck. The force-cooled wet disc brakes require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan when compared with traditional drum brakes. The fully welded, heavy gauge frame is durable and reliable, and constructed from the highest quality steel. The CLARK-standard Nested I-Beam upright on the S20c promotes stability and reliability as material is moved shift after shift. The 6 roller carriage and external side-thrust rollers on the upright reduce rail spreading, helping maintain the full capacity of the mast.


CLARK makes your safety our priority. Safety is and has been a cornerstone of CLARK design standards for over 100 years. Our standards became the industry standards. The S-SERIES innovates again with standard features including an automatically applied parking brake which activates when the truck comes to a rest or the operator leaves the seat. Additionally, the S20c series comes standard with speed limit control, which prevents operators from exceeding a set speed when going around turns, particularly when the forks are fully loaded. The nested I-beam mast is designed for optimal visibility, and the S20c series can be optionally equipped with a rearview camera as well. Finally, the S20c series was designed with an optimal center of gravity, enhancing the truck’s stability.


The CLARK S20c series was designed with the operator in mind, with advanced operator ergonomics for a safer and more comfortable operation. The balance engine and isolated transmission reduces the vibration and noise in the operator compart, which is ideal for applications that are conscious of overall decibel levels. The adjustable full-suspension seat in the operator compartment, combined with hood-mounted levers with low input force, combine to make the operation of the truck simple and comfortable. The floorboard is large, with plenty of leg room, and the brakes and inching pedals require less effort than similar models. The steering column has an adjustable tilt range of 30 degrees, allowing for operators of various heights and sizes to navigate the operators’ compartment with ease.

Tech Specs

Load Capacity / Rated Load (lbs/kg) Height Overhead Guard (in/mm) Width (in/mm) Right Angle Stack (in/mm) Outside Turning Radius (in/mm) Inside Turning Radius (in/mm) Top Speed Loaded (kmp/mph) Top Speed Unloaded (kmp/mph) Power Unit - HP(KW) @rpm
S20C 4000 / 2000 85.9 / 2105 41.7 (1060) 95.6 (2429) 79.5 / 2020 N/A / N/A 11.2 / 18.1 11.5 / 18.5 FORD 2.5 69.7 (52) @ 2500
S25C 5000 / 2500 82.9 / 2105 41.7 (1060) 97.2 (2470) 81.1 / 2061 N/A / N/A 11.2 / 18.1 11.5 / 18.5 FORD 2.5 69.7 (52) @ 2500
S30C 6000 / 3000 82.9 / 2105 43.9 (1114) 99.1 (2518) 83.0 / 2109 N/A / N/A 11.1 / 17.9 11.4 / 18.4 FORD 2.5 69.7 (52) @ 2500
S32C 6500 / 3200 82.9 / 2105 45.5 (1155) 100.8 (2561) 84.5 / 2502 N/A / N/A 11.2 / 18.0 11.5 / 18.6 FORD 2.5 69.7 (52) @ 2500


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