OSQ 126/162/192

Representing an easy, safer and more productive upgrade from traditional rolling ladders, the CLARK OSQ, Order-Picker-Selector, maximizes productivity by combining the attributes of an elevated working platform, an order picker and a tugger into one compact vehicle design. The OSQ delivers a smaller footprint and lower price tag than a typical order picker. The excellent stability at height and the ability to drive easily from task-to-task, makes the OSQ ready to make an immediate impact in any situation.

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Operator Compartment

The CLARK OSQ is designed with the operator in mind, with ergonomic fingertip control for travel, lift, and lower functions which provide the operator with intuitive controls while traveling at elevation or lowered. The roomy operator compartment is designed for productivity and can accommodate operators of various sizes and heights. The large storage compartment allows storage of clip boards, pens, and miscellaneous fulfillment tools. The retractable compartment side-rails sound an audible alarm when the compartment is raised, keeping your operators safer.

Drive Unit

The AC drive motor on the CLARK OSQ provides high torque throughout the entire drive range. The brushless design of AC technology drastically reduces maintenance and extends battery range. Lift and lower controls are single speed, which extend the life of the drive unit.


The heavy-duty I-beam design provides excellent stability at height, adding security for your operators. The steel mast channels, and side mounted lift cylinders increase platform capacity, adding to the security and stability of the OSQ.

Advanced Electrical Systems

The 24-volt AC system on the CLARK OSQ manages the vehicles’ electronic power steering, acceleration, neutral braking and automatic speed reduction both at height and during tight cornering. The Zapi LCD dashboard display includes fault code diagnostics, hour meter, battery state of charge, travel speed and drive wheel directional indicator. The OSQ comes with an emergency power disconnect, key switch and horn as standard equipment.

Durable and Reliable Chassis

The three-point chassis design, along with 180° drive motor steering arc, provides exceptional maneuverability. Powerhead mounted stability casters add additional truck stability and operator confidence at working heights of up to twenty feet.


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