CLARK Parts Industrial Battery Chargers are distinguished by the same consistently reliable features which are typical for all CLARK Parts.

  • Trustworthy ferroresonant technology, ideal for shop charging.
  • Available up to 40 Cells.
  • Single and three phase models
  • Charges wide range of batteries.
  • Fail Safe charge for your battery.
  • Automatic start and stop .
  • Designed to have a nearly flat curve.
  • Drop ship to dealer or customer.
  • Free freight
  • Near constant current output while tapering slightly to maintain AC amp draw as battery voltage rises.

Although ferroresonant technology has been around for many years, improvements are constantly being made and today, our charger boasts a high efficiency, 87% and power factor > 90% close to that of many other manufacturers high frequency chargers. Charge control monitors battery roughout the charge and delivers a safe, complete charge.