CLARK SMART Telematics

What is CLARK SMART Telematics?

CLARK SMART telematics simplifies your operations with real-time reporting on driver behavior, truck usage, impact reporting, GPS tracking, and more! The 7” touchscreen display promotes workplace safety by allowing driver restrictions, requiring pre-shift inspections before operation, and providing key data to drivers while they are operating the forklift. And, the versatile CLARK SMART system can be installed on any forklift, regardless of make, model, or age.

Keep Track of Your Material Handling Equipment with CLARK SMART, With Real-Time Analytics and Additional Controls to Protect Machines and Operators.


Industry Applications

CLARK SMART can be installed on any make or model of forklift, and can even be installed on electric pallet jacks. Typical applications include warehouses, distribution centers, food and beverage facilities, and more. CLARK SMART is an easy-to-operate and even easier to install telemetry solution that allows
customers to stay informed about the performance of their forklift fleet.


  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Pre-Shift Safety Inspection
  • Operator Lockout and Badge Access
  • Impact Detector and GPS Tracking


  • Impact Reports
  • Pre-Shift Inspection Results
  • Service History and Maintenance Required
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Driver Access Control

CLARK SMART provides greater visibility to your forklift operations than ever before, decreasing downtime and increasing operational efficiency, saving you time and money.
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