GEX 20-35

In the past, one truck would be used for outdoor applications and another truck would be used for indoor warehousing. Now one GEX can handle both environments with ease. Transition smoothly from indoor transportation to outdoors with no effort required from the GEX.

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Powered Reversing Drive Motors

The tires on the GEX 20 series contain a pivot point between the drive tires, which allows for zero-turn functionality with the tightest possible turning radius. The 2-wheel drive on the GEX provides added traction, especially on wet or uneven surfaces. And, the inside wheel power reverses in tight turns preventing scuffing of steer tires like conventional 4-wheel trucks. A tighter turn radius combined with anti-scuff design and additional stability allows for operators to navigate a wider variety of spaces with ease.


LCD Dash Display

The LCD dash display on the GEX 20 series is fully adjustable and programmable, allowing certified operators to choose from four pre-set performance modes. The dash display also indicates the current alarm code and stores previous alarm codes for quick access, allowing technicians to quickly diagnose issues on the GEX 20. The LCD dash is also password protected, requiring a set password for certain adjustments that impact the operation of the truck.


80 Volt 100% AC System

Thanks to the 100% AC system and powerful 80V battery, the GEX 20 rivals IC truck performance in speed, acceleration, and gradeability. The GEX 20 series is equipped with a higher voltage system, which lowers line loss and heating, leading to greater efficiency. The GEX 20 is also better suited to rapid charge, because it only requires one receptacle via a single battery connector for rapid charging. Finally, the series can accommodate different batteries for increased operational efficiency. The GEX 20/25 can accommodate a 54-kwh battery and the GEX 30/32 can accommodate a 60-kwh battery, increasing battery capacity and efficiency. All GEX models are EPA compliant.


The GEX 20 series is built on a stable platform with a low center of gravity, which was achieved by moving back the steer axle, dropping the battery compartment, and moving all major components to the lower half of the truck. This increases stability and reliability in all operations. The curve cutback feature on the GEX 20 reduces truck travel speed in turns, adding to the lateral stability of the truck, along with the wide stance of the truck.



The drive motors and axles on the GEX 20 series has fewer parts than typical drive motors, meaning minimum wear and leading to less downtime for your forklift. The drive motors are enclosed and brushless, and are equipped with thermal and stall protection. They are also equipped to add power when reversing for tighter turns. And, with sealed motor components, the GEX 20 is suitable for wet applications.


Tech Specs

Load Capacity / Rated Load (lbs/kg) Height Overhead Guard (in/mm) Width (in/mm) Right Angle Stack (in/mm) Outside Turning Radius (in/mm) Inside Turning Radius (in/mm) Top Speed Loaded (kmp/mph) Top Speed Unloaded (kmp/mph) Power Unit - HP(KW) @rpm
GEX 20 4000 / 2000 84.6 / 2149 48.4 (1230) 93.2 (2367) 75.8 / 1925 N/A / N/A 9.7 / 15.7 10.3 / 16.7 80 Volt
GEX 25 5000 / 2500 84.6 / 2149 48.4 (1230) 93.2 (2367) 75.8 / 1925 N/A / N/A 9.6 / 15.4 10.3 / 16.7 80 Volt
GEX 30s 6000 / 3000 84.6 / 2149 48.4 (1230) 93.2 (2367) 75.8 / 1925 N/A / N/A 9.4 / 15.2 10.3 / 16.7 80 Volt
GEX 30 6000 / 3000 84.6 / 2149 48.4 (1230) 100.0 (2539) 82.2 / 2087 N/A / N/A 9.4 / 15.2 10.3 / 16.7 80 Volt
GEX 32 6500 / 3200 84.6 / 2149 49.6 (1260) 100.0 (2539) 82.2 / 2087 N/A / N/A 9.2 / 14.8 10.3 / 16.7 80 Volt


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