CLARK Parts battery offerings provide only the best in leading edge battery technology, quality and engineering and are warranted with a 12-month free replacement policy. We offer a full line of 6–12-volt batteries.

  • All batteries are maintenance-free calcium grids except where noted.
  • All batteries manufactured in polypropylene cases and covers except where noted.
  • All batteries manufactured in black case and black cover except where noted.
  • All batteries, except Power Sports, have SAE automotive post unless noted.
  • Precision construction provides new equipment performance throughout a long life.
  • Built by master battery craftsmen according to strict quality assurance guidelines.
  • These batteries have been inspected prior to shipment to ensure they meet your specification as ordered.

How the AGM is different from a flooded design:

`Unlike a “flooded” lead-acid battery, an AGM battery does not have free-flowing electrolyte. Separators made of mostly fine glass fibers hold the electrolyte like a partially saturated sponge.

AGM batteries are Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries that recombine the hydrogen and oxygen created during charge and discharge, back into water. This recombination keeps the battery water levels within proper limits. For this process to work, VRLA batteries must be charged at specific voltages.

Each cell contains its own valve. If the battery is overcharged, gas pressure builds within the cell rapidly. If the pressure exceeds one and a half PSI, the valve(s) will open and let the gas escape, thus the term “Valve Regulated”. If this continues, the battery will dry out and fail much like an overcharged flooded battery.