There are five basic points you should know for operating on grades

  1. Use only equipment designed for operation on grades, such as sit-down lift trucks, stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks and pallet trucks. Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle trucks should not be used on grades.
  2. Stand-up counterbalanced trucks are appropriate for short grades, such as dock plates up to 15%, but are not to be used on long grades.
  3. Travel up and down grades slowly. Never turn on a grade or cross a grade sideways. Turn only on flat surfaces.
  4. In general, all lift trucks except pallet trucks should be operated with the load upgrade. Unloaded trucks should be operated with the forks or attachment downgrade. The load should be tilted back and raised only as high as necessary to clear the surface.
  5. When using pallet trucks, always keep forks downgrade and in the raised position when working on a grade. Do not ride pallet trucks on a grade. Pallet trucks are designed to travel up to a 5% maximum grade with load.