CLARK has added a valuable piece of its history to its Lexington, KY showroom. CLARK recently re-acquired forklift number 500,000 from its original owner, Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. CLARK originally donated the new C500 50 model forklift to Western more than 30 years ago. In continuous use at Western Michigan since 1977, the university agreed to swap out the C500 50 for a current production CLARK model C25C so that CLARK could add to its already impressive collection of old and new CLARK forklifts in its showroom. This truck joins an array of CLARK forklifts including its One Millionth Truck produced in 1997, an electric Trucloader from 1948, a 1930 Clarkat, a 1924 Duat and its “piece de la resistance”, a 1918 Tructractor Model M, the world’s first gas powered industrial truck. Without a doubt, CLARK is BUILT TO LAST®.

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