CLARK Material Handling has released a detailed support package to its North American Dealers designed to aid the dealers in the areas of aftermarket parts, new equipment financing, and sales. The specific initiatives that CLARK unveiled were designed to help its authorized distributors over the next 90 days of business. The stimulus package released by CLARK is wide ranging, and includes incentives for the dealerships parts, service, rental, and sales departments.

Dennis Lawrence, President/CEO of CLARK, initiated the project by asking his senior staff members to focus on programs that could aid dealers with a high degree of immediacy. “We need to provide an element of support and focus for our dealers during these challenging times. CLARK is very focused on running its business in a manner that positively contributes to our dealers overall operations.”

Scott Johnson, Director of Dealer Services, noted that Mr. Lawrence was very specific in his instructions to the senior staff at CLARK. “We have spent a tremendous amount of time and resources in developing a series of strategies that we believe, will have positive impact at the dealer level in the coming 60, 90, and 120 day periods. We have utilized teams to address specific disciplines and issues; everything has been on the table for review and consideration. In the end, we are acting in what we believe is the best interest of our valued dealers.”

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