LEXINGTON, KY (May 8, 2019) — CLARK Material Handling Company, a top ten global manufacturer of forklift trucks and spare parts is today releasing its 2019 “Raising Hope” program. This initiative is designed to encourage participation by all authorized CLARK dealers for the balance of 2019 through contributions supported by each new rider factory order placed on CLARK.

Participating dealers will have a set dollar amount of each new factory rider order dedicated to the CLARK Raising Hope fund. CLARK will match a portion of each dealer contribution. The “Raising Hope” fund, administered by CLARK, will be used to primarily support continued philanthropy work in the central Kentucky region as well as approved local dealer initiatives. In 2018 the company positively impacted 68 organizations in North America.

Alan Sutherland, Public Relations Manager for CLARK shared, “CLARK is proud of our philanthropy efforts and is pleased to announce that today we are taking our Raising Hope program to the next level. We believe that through the continued good works of CLARK and our Dealer partners we can have an even greater impact on the individuals and communities around us.”

Dennis Lawrence, President and CEO of CLARK Material Handling on the Raising Hope program, “CLARK is widely acknowledged as the inventor of the lift truck in 1917 and I am so very proud of that fact. CLARK is also identified as a strong promoter of philanthropy, community service and community engagement. Here in central Kentucky we are just as known for our leadership in community support as we are for our lift trucks. Through the Raising Hope program, we intend to, yet again, increase CLARK’s status as a leader in goodwill and altruism here in the Bluegrass region and nationally.”

Raising Hopes Program

At a recent CLARK Dealer Advisory Group meeting the Raising Hope program was introduced to twelve Dealers including:

Pat Sain, MHI, Inc.                                         John Gelsimino, Jr., All Lift Service Company
Mike Sain, MHI, Inc.                                       Robert Siano, National Lift Truck Service
Tom Duck, Tri-Lift NC, Inc.                           Jeff Schubert, Forklifts of Minnesota
Ron Casaletto II, C&C Lift Truck Inc.          Tony Bowne, Fraza
Audie Burgan, JM Equipment                     Jim Hammond, Valley Industrial Trucks
Gerson de la Portilla, MYMMSA                 Tom Albero, Alliance Material Handling


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