LEXINGTON, KY – March 29, 2021– CLARK Material Handling Company, a top-ten global manufacturer of forklift trucks and spare parts, as a part of our commitment to delivering the latest cutting-edge and innovative products for the material handling sector, announces the launch of the WPL40 Electric Pallet Jack.

Built to Last and designed to transport up to 4,000 pounds, the WPL40 features a maintenance-free Lithium-Ion battery, an ergonomic handle, and the ability to pinwheel in place with the handle in the upright position. The WPL40 complements the entire CLARK product line due to its lifting capacity and use of the Lithium-Ion battery.  Designed for use in manufacturing and warehousing, key features of this new product include:

  • 4,000-pound lift capacity
  • Lithium-Ion battery, which provides the same power output at 10% as it does at 100%
  • Ergonomic handle—access to all controls without lifting your hand
  • Neutral braking system which delivers predictable performance

Available for ordering through CLARK dealers as of March 29, 2021, the WPL40 represents another “CLARK solution” for end-users toward managing all their material handling needs.

“This new WPL40 brings several key innovations to the electric pallet jack line. From the Lithium-Ion battery and its consistent power throughout the charge cycle to the ability to pinwheel with the handle in the upright position, the WPL40 fills the needs of our customers in new and exciting ways,” said Rick Dahlke, National Sales Manager.

For more information about the CLARK WPL40, visit www.clarkmhc.com/Trucks/WPL40

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