December 5th, 2022—Lexington, KY—CLARK Material Handling Company, a top-ten manufacturer of forklifts and spare parts, today announces the launch of the SEC20-35 four-wheel electric forklift. The latest addition to the S-SERIES lineup, the SEC20-35 comes standard with many of the great SMART, STRONG, and SAFE features customers have come to expect from the CLARK S-SERIES forklifts.

The SEC20-35 is built with capacities ranging from 4,000-7,000 pounds, and is optimally designed for operator comfort, ergonomics, and safety. With programmable performance modes, including a turtle mode feature; an integrated Dampening Block Stability; and the CLARK Performance Enhancement Package, which decreases tilt speed and auxiliary functions when the forks are loaded and lowered; the CLARK SEC20-35 is optimized for operator performance and safety. Additional SMART features include an interactive cowl-mounted LCD dash and ZAPI ACE3 controllers, both of which improve efficiency and ease of operation.

When considering making the switch to electric forklifts, customers are often concerned with the performance and durability of an electric truck compared to its IC counterpart. With the CLARK SEC20-35, performance is never in question. The strong, field-tested nested I-Beam mast, fully welded frame, and key components designed to withstand full the 7,000-pound capacity, the SEC20-35 is the durable, reliable, and emission-free option customers are searching for.

“The SEC four-wheel electric truck is another solid addition to the S-SERIES lineup,” commented Brandon Bullard, Director of Sales and Marketing at CLARK . “As the inventor of the material handling industry, our customers have looked to CLARK for the last 105 years to provide the most durable, reliable, ergonomic, and efficient forklifts on the market.

“The SEC rises to the occasion, with a combination of operator-friendly features, flexible functionality, and a strong mast that gives customers confidence in the durability of the lift truck. With the SEC20-35, CLARK continues to build on the SMART, STRONG, and SAFE legacy of the S-SERIES lineup, bringing our customers the highest quality products on the market.”

The CLARK SEC20-35 comes backed by the industry-leading CLARK Protection Plan warranty, a 2-year carriage-to-counterweight warranty with an additional 12 months of powertrain protection, ensuring protection of each lift truck for years to come.

For more information on the CLARK SEC20-35, visit, or contact your local CLARK dealer today.

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