Lexington, KY – September 20, 2022 – CLARK Material Handling Company, a top-ten global manufacturer of forklift trucks and spare parts, announces the launch of new products that help our customers manage large fleets: CLARK SMART, and CLARK SMART Fleet. With the launch of these two products, CLARK customers now have more visibility of their forklift fleets than ever before.

CLARK SMART simplifies fleet data and empowers customers to improve operational safety, efficiency and decrease costly accidents.

A state-of-the-art telematics offering, CLARK SMART now allows customers to gain valuable insights and awareness of operator safety and performance metrics. Customers can address incidents as they occur. With the CLARK SMART client portal, authorized personell can restrict operator access and track perfomance of each forklift.  Our user-friendly web based dashboard displays key metrics, including impact reports, pre-shift inspections, vehicle utilization reports, and much more. Available through the CLARK Aftermarket program, CLARK SMART can be added to virtually any truck on the market, and can be installed by any Authorized CLARK Dealer in two hours or less.

Each CLARK SMART unit comes equipped with both  Cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities;  as well as 5 years’ worth of data  – no monthly fees.

CLARK SMART Fleet, available to CLARK National Accounts, is the next evolution of intellgent fleet management. This powerful new tool from CLARK simplifies the customer’s complex forklfit fleet by collecting and reporting on unit utilization, service history, invoice consolidation, and much more. CLARK SMART Fleet is a value added service that saves fleet customers money while improving efficiency and increasing profitability. CLARK SMART Fleet customers will have access to a dedicated data analyst to review service trends, usage data, and invoices to provide feedback and suggestions on ways to maximize their operational efficiency while minimizing cost. This highly customizable solution for large-scale customers allows for seamless fleet management that fits customers’ specific needs, while reducing the amount of time and energy they spend managing their fleet.

“The launch of CLARK SMART and CLARK SMART Fleet represents our continued efforts to deliver innovation, customer support, and SMART products that serve customers’ evolving needs. This is a leap forward that we are confident will deliver valuable solutions to complex challenges facing today’s fleet managers.” commented Brandon Bullard, Director of Sales and Marketing at CLARK. “From the first overhead guards and seatbelts to new technology today -Safety has always been a guiding light, at CLARK. The CLARK SMART tool empowers supervisors with actionable data to achieve a safer and more efficient operation.”

“CLARK SMART Fleet builds in immense added value for National Account fleet customers who manage diverse assets, in multiple locations.  Our customers need tools for managing equipment and decreasing operational costs without increasing headcount at their facility. CLARK SMART Fleet collects and inteperets service data, and provides informed recommendations to save our customers money,” added Herb Michelli, National Account Sales Manager.

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